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Our Story


Jubilations Dinner Theatre has been a staple of the Alberta theatre scene for over 20 years. Our talented cast takes on the best in pop culture, crafting hilarious parodies of the biggest names in movies, music, and TV for an altogether unforgettable show. Take in the excitement (and the stunning live vocals) while you enjoy a delicious multi-course dinner served by our character servers.

Break from your routine and immerse yourself in a totally unique, truly Canadian experience – we guarantee a good time (and we know all your favourite songs).

It’s a live show, so anything could happen. Play along, and the actors might just include you in the act!

Our cast never breaks character and audiences always have a good time. Each show features classic hit songs – we dare you not to sing along.


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Janet Cunningham

Janet was raised in Flin Flon, Manitoba, the eldest of seven children. She spent her adult life in Winnipeg, where she was regional controller for Keg Restaurants (10 years) and controller for Athlete’s Wear Sporting Goods (8 years). She graduated the CGA program in 1983 and joined Doug Stephen & Jim Armstrong in WOW Hospitality Concepts in 1995. Janet and her husband Ken have two grown children and four grandchildren who are all now young adults.

During the tumultuous year of 2020 Janet decided to bow out of WOW Hospitality Concepts while in turn, Doug Stephen decided to move on from the dinner theatre business. This led to an amicable deal which gave Janet sole interest in the Jubilations Dinner Theatres in Calgary and Edmonton, as well as Celebrations Dinner Theatre in Winnipeg and Aussie Rules Piano Bar in Calgary. These businesses are now operated by her as part of her newly formed company Act Three Entertainment Inc.


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Bob Cunningham
President/Artistic Director

In 1992 Bob was performing at a small local dinner theatre in Winnipeg that was on the verge of shutting its doors for good when he had the fortuitous idea to contact his mother, who had spent many years in the restaurant business, to see of she knew anyone who might be interested in this intriguing interactive dinner theatre concept. Much to the delighted surprise of Bob and all the other actors in the show whose bags were half packed, she did indeed know just such a person and Doug Stephen was his name. Doug and Bob’s mother, Janet Cunningham, stepped up and voila… 30 years later Celebrations Dinner Theatre in Winnipeg, along with Jubilations Dinner Theatre in Edmonton and Calgary are alive and kicking.

Bob is very proud to still be part of this family business all these years later. Doug Stephen moved on from the dinner theatre business in 2020, and Janet became the sole owner. Under the banner of the newly formed company Act Three Entertainment, the three dinner theatres and Aussie Rules Piano Bar remain staples of their communities and a testament to the fact that there is still a place in todays world for small/medium family owned businesses. Bob’s mother Janet Cunningham is mostly retired now, but as company president Bob continues to work closely with her to try and maintain her core values and original vision for the theatres, while also instilling some fresh ideas and innovations.

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Syreeta Bennie
Vice President

Syreeta started with WOW Hospitality in 1995 as a performer doing several shows until moving to NYC for ten years to pursue her acting career. After moving back from NYC and touring Canada as a performer, she settled down roots in Calgary. Syreeta wanted to come back to the company she knew and loved. In 2008 Syreeta became the Theatre Operations Manager and climbed the ladder over the years to General Manager.

In 2020 when Act Three was established, Syreeta was promoted to Vice President of the Dinner Theatres and Aussie Rules Piano Bar. She is thrilled to still be a part of such a creative and inspiring team and excited to take this next journey.
“Thank you so much for supporting live theatre and allowing so many of us to live our dream; it means more than you know.”



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Terri Gardiner
General Manager

Terri was born in Lahr, Germany to a military family before moving to Ottawa, and finally Lethbridge where she grew up.

Starting out in the restaurant industry as a dishwasher at the age of 12 for a family-run, authentic, scratch kitchen, Terri’s passion for “real food” blossomed, leading her to become a Chef. As a child, her family didn’t go “out of the box” much, so the discovery of new techniques, culinary styles, and flavours was an inspiration to learn more.

Over 15 years in the Alberta restaurant industry, Terri worked in restaurants such as Avenue Diner and Brewsters, moving quickly up the ranks, finally obtaining the coveted Red Seal designation in 2002.

Terri started at Jubilations Calgary in February 2011 and says that the first time she walked through the doors there was an energy that she couldn’t describe. Jubilations has been lucky to have her as their Executive Chef until recently, when she took on the role of General Manager. With her vast restaurant experience along with having completed the Hotel and Restaurant Management course, she is sure to conquer the new challenges and experiences that will come her way.

Terri lives with her amazing husband, Patrick, and wonderful children Jordan and Isaac.



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Tina Shewfelt
Service Manager

Calgary born and raised, a mother of four, Tina is excited to be a part of the Jubilations Calgary family! Tina is no stranger to the stage or front-of-house operations. With many years of choir, theatre and orchestra, along with years of catering and restaurant-style service, Jubilations is her dream job come true! She even married the love of her life on the Jubilations stage!

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Zander Swanson
Executive Chef

Zander Swanson is the Executive Chef for Jubilations Dinner Theater and Aussie Rules Piano Bar. He is professionally trained through SAITs culinary program. Zander has been cooking with Jubilations for almost 6 years!


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Marissa Dingle
General Manager

Marissa is a graduate from the Canadian College of Performing Arts & began her career performing all over Canada. In 2012, her career in the restaurant industry started to take off & she progressed from server to Senior Assistant Manager with Northland Properties restaurants. In 2019, she took on a new venture when she transferred became the Banquet Sales Manager, which inevitably led her to Jubilations.

In 2020, Marissa became the Group Sales Coordinator with Jubilations, bringing a unique trifecta of experience in theatre, restaurants, & sales. In the years since, Marissa has been developing the sales department while also performing in local shows as well as multiple Jubilations Junior productions.

Her first show with the company was as Inspector Gidget in Motel Transylvania (2022) but you may remember her from more recent roles including Bellatwix in Harry Popper & the Little Mermaid Spell, Fiona in The Mighty Shrek (2023), or maybe her most unique role to date as Bowser in Super Duper Mario Musical & many more.

Marissa is thrilled to take on the next ‘stage’ of her career as General Manager. She is excited to continue to wow audiences either on the stage or behind the scenes.

“To thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not be false to any man.”

-William Shakespeare

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Richard Pinsent

A native of beautiful Bellevue, Newfoundland Richard is one of 16 children. Like many young Newfoundlanders he left the island in search of work in Yellowknife, where he discovered his joy of cooking. He and his wife Suzanne and three children lived in various places before settling in Edmonton. Richard, along with many members of his family enjoy working in their various roles at Jubilations. He can honestly say that Jubilations is a family.



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Jaydyn McPhee
Theatre Operations Manager

Jaydyn has been seeing shows with Jubilations since she was quite young and has always wanted to work for this amazing family! The second she turned 18 she made her way over to Jubilations and found a home in the building. She made her way up to becoming the floor manager and she could not be happier having a job to care for the guests and be able to help them escape reality when they walk into our theater. Come join us for an amazing experience and see why this is a place that Jaydyn wanted to work at from the second she stepped inside!

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Paul Vanhoutteghem
Stage Manager

Paul started working as Additional Cast at Jubilations in 2016 between semesters at the University of Lethbridge, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Drama in 2020. While attending the university, he worked on numerous shows acting, writing, directing and stage managing; meanwhile, Jubilations acted as his home during the summer and winter breaks. After moving back to Calgary in 2020, he resumed working at Jubilations full-time and quickly moved from Ad-Cast to Stage Manager for Jubilations Jr. Now, in 2023, Paul is happily in the role as Stage Manager for Jubilations Calgary.


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Welshtyn Heglund
House Technician


Hailing from southwestern Saskatchewan, Welshtyn moved to Calgary in 2009 to pursue a career in Audio Engineering. After studying at Calgary’s own Academy of Production and Recording Arts, he somehow convinced Jubilations to hire a farm boy as a House Technician in late 2010. 10 years, 50 shows, and over 2000 individual performances later, he formally invites you to step into a different dimension. Leave your worries at the door and be immersed in a whirlwind of colourful characters, nostalgic numbers, and revitalizing victuals. He pines not for the spotlight but is content to cast them on the skilled performers that take the stage. Sit back, relax, and permit him to perk your ears with a sonic solution that will get your tail shaking, your toes tapping, and your paws clapping!


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Nicolette Guzmán
Floor Manager

Nicolette started her Jubilations journey back in October of 2015 with Star Warz. You may have had the experience of being served by her for our main stage shows, as well as Jubilations Junior productions. She is excited to ensure our guests leave with a memorable experience and can’t wait to welcome them back.

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Lew Wetherell
Stage Manager

Actor, singer, dancer, clown, improv performer, director, professional wrestler and all-around renaissance man. Now add stage manager to the list. Lew Wetherell has been active with Jubilations since its inception in the late ‘80s, having appeared in 19 productions for the company. He has also appeared in productions for numerous theatre companies all across Western Canada. Lew is extremely excited and happy to have the opportunity to share his experience and knowledge with the creative team and the young performers who grace our stage.

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Aneta Kozina
House Technician


Aneta is a 2022 graduate from MacEwan University’s Theatre Production program, where she obtained a variety of skills in theatre. Originally building her skills as a stage manager, she found her way to the light, literally. Aneta is now a house technician with a passion for lighting. She has worked on a number of productions in and out of school and is excited about all the performances she will get to be a part of at Jubilations as well as all the new skills she will gain. Aneta invites you to take yourselves out of reality and come into the world we have created.


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Jaimie Cooney

Set Designer

Jaimie designs and builds all the sets as head carpenter and designer for Jubilations and Celebrations Dinner Theatres in Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary. She also creates elaborate wall designs to adorn the walls of each theatre, giving an immersive experience. Jaimie and her creative team enjoy inventing exciting worlds for 5 new shows in 3 cities each year. From pirate ships and castles to underwater adventures, each show presents its own challenge. They aim to create a backdrop that brings the audience into the story and action on stage.

Born in Manitoba and raised in central Alberta where she still resides today, Jaime received her Fine Arts Degree at Red Deer College in 2000 and her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Alberta College of Art And Design in 2003. Straight out of college, she began working with the theatre’s production team, painting the wall murals and soon progressed to set construction and eventually set design, becoming head designer/carpenter in 2017.

Jaimie’s art work is also featured in other venues such as Aussie Rules and the School Of Rock in Calgary, as well as Cheers Pub and numerous homes and businesses in the Sylvan Lake and Red Deer area.

Watch for her adorable dog Sawdust painted on the walls.