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From CA$41.95

July 6 to August 24, 2024

Bonus Show:
Monday, August 5 PM

The Ninja Turtles have lost their groove; crime is all around them, but they are uninspired to stop it. Who should they stumble upon but a Panda with a particular tool they could add to their black belts. Will the Turtles be inspired by Kung Fu? Or will it be too hard to get them out of their pizza boxes? Who will save the day?


From CA$41.95

September 14 to November 2, 2024

Bonus Show:
Monday, October 14 AM

It’s 1988 and Gru is in high school with the Minionz trying to rule the school as… class president? Popular girl Nikki Nichols is the more likely candidate to win and with the school dance coming up, Gru is going to see if his political rival would be his… dance partner? Can the Minionz help Gru secure the date? You’ll have to come see for yourself as Jubilations Junior presents… Minionz: A Despicably Musical Parody. 

From CA$41.95

November 23, 2024 – January 18, 2025

Bonus Sundays:
December 1 – January 5 AM
Other Bonus Shows:
Monday, December 23 & 30 PM

Wally Wonka, the lesser-known brother of Willy Wonka, is running his own factory and it’s… not going well. With one last ditch effort to keep his factory afloat, he invites select guests to come see a new Candy Cane creation at his factory but… do all of his guests have good intentions? With music from the 90’s to now, Jubilations Junior presents Wally Wonka and the Candy Cane Factory!

For just an additional $15 per child ticket, unlock an exclusive Birthday Package brimming with excitement and joy. Each ticket brings a world of wonder.

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Ticket Details

Prices include a two-act musical comedy, a family-friendly multi-course meal. Prices do not include taxes, gratuities, pop or alcohol.

Saturdays (11am):

  • Adult: $44.95
  • Child: $41.95

Junior 3-Show Subscription Packages:

  • Adult: $121.35
  • Child: $113.25

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