Night at the Museum of Rock Stars

Did you ever wonder what happens at a museum when the crowds have gone and the lights go out? At this museum, where all the legends of rock and roll are on display, something strange is happening when the sun goes down. All of the icons that defined popular music for the past fifty years are coming to life, ready to rock and roll one more time!

So join us at the magical Museum of Rock Stars!

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Start Me Up

Fresh lettuce and vegetables topped with crispy ham, goat cheese and croutons; finished with a sundried tomato vinaigrette


Piece of My Heart

White cake centered between two layers each of chocolate buttercream, white chocolate buttercream and chocolate cake; finished with chocolate sauce

John Lemon Shortcake

Shortcake layered between whipped cream and tangy lemon preserves; finished with raspberry sauce


Don't Stop Beefin'

Thinly sliced Sterling Silver Alberta Roast Beef cooked to medium and perfected with our signature mouth-watering gravy; served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.
Recommended Pairing: Pleyades Shiraz (Spain) 5oz glass $9.50/8oz glass $14.00/Bottle $44.00

Whole Lotta Chicken Goin' On

Golden baked Tuscan-style chicken breast topped with a cream sauce of garlic, spinach, red peppers and sundried tomatoes; served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables
Recommended Pairing: Catanga Organic Sauvignon Blanc (Spain) 5oz glass $9.50/8oz glass $14.50/Bottle $46.00

Proud Mary Pasta

Vegetarian lasagna layered with eggplant, spinach, soy-based crumble, marinara sauce, ricotta and mozzarella cheese; served with fresh vegetables
Recommended Pairing: Organic Mina Velha Red Blend (Spain) 5oz glass $9.25/8oz glass $13.75/Bottle $43.00

* Prime Rib

*available at a supplemental charge of $6.00* Slow Roasted AAA Alberta Prime Rib cooked to medium and perfected with our own mouth-watering pan-jus. Accompanied with potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

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Schedule Information

Shows Run Wednesday Through Sunday

Wednesday - Saturday Doors Open at 6:15pm
Sunday Doors Open at 5:00pm

Jubilations Junior Shows Saturdays at 11am

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Notes & Credits


Write/Director/Artistic Director - Bob Cunningham

Ten years ago, when my children were still of an age that I took them to see movies… now they take me, funny how that works… we went to see a fun little film about a magical museum where all the exhibits came to life at night. I was immediately struck with the notion that it would be amazing to see what would happen if this magic took place at say… the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. What a wonderous array of amazing singers and bands we would see, all rocking and rolling together. And thus I decided to make that thought into a reality on the Jubilations Dinner Theatre stage by writing Night at the Museum of Rock and Roll. Ten years later we are so proud to bring this show back again for another run. With just a couple of small adaptions… including a slight name change… it still has all the same amazing energy and fun of the original. We’ve assembled a fantastic cast of the most talented Canadian performers to make these rock and roll icons jump off the stage! We hope you have as much fun watching them as we had bringing them to life.

Sit back, grab a cool beverage and enjoy Night at the Museum of Rock Stars

Writer/Director/Artistic Director
Bob Cunningham
Music Producer
Music Director
Kathy Zaborsky
GHillian Moon
Rehearsal Stage Manager
Kristin Proskow
Sound/Light Design
Randy Hadubiak
Sound/Light Assistant
Gail Ksionzyk
Set Design
Jaimie Cooney
Mural Design
Jaimie Cooney
Scene Painters
Jaimie Cooney. Karen Turnbull, Casey Richards, Matt Andre & Cassidy Crawford
Shop Carpenters
Casey Richards, Cassidy Craweford & Stewart Old
Set Carpenters
Brad Friese & Cassidy Crawford
Costume Design
Tawni Barton
Cast Photographer
Benjamin Laird
Playbill Design
Rage Studios

Cast Bios

Hailey Gardiner,

Hailey Gardiner is a dancer/actor/singer/teacher/choreographer from London, Ontario. She has lived in Toronto, pursuing her passion, for 3 years and is very excited to be travelling outside of Ontario with Jubilations! Hailey had her first dinner theatre experience in 2018, working with Feast Dinner Theatre in Prince Edward Island and loved it. As a music theatre performance graduate of St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario, Hailey has always had a big love for theatre and has missed it dearly since she works mainly in the commercial dance industry now. She is thrilled to put her singing, acting and comedic skills to use again in this show and hopes you enjoy it! Follow Hailey on Instagram @haileydgardiner

Dallen Girard,

Good evening everyone and welcome! Tonight, this very Museum will be populated with laughter, rockin’ and rollin’, hip shaking, foot stomping and bringing old timeless tunes back to life, along with the stars that perform them. Dallen is oozing with excitement to be performing on the Jubilations stage once again, but in a much different light! You may remember him from his last role as the ever so zany Ace Ventura in Mamma Mio/Friends or you may also know him from other Jubilations productions such as Flashdance (Reggie), Rock and Roll Heaven (Roger) and Jubilations Junior’s The Uncredibles. Dallen hopes you enjoy the show tonight and invites you put on your cleanest pair of blue suede shoes, grab some Brylcreem and freshen up that pompadour because it’s one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready now let’s get this show on the road!!!
You can follow Dallen on Instagram @guyinasuitandtie. He would also like to dedicate his performance to his Momma, Grandma and Elvis.

Ray Val,

Ray Val is a local singer/songwriter, currently finishing recording her first EP and is working on an album with her record label in Vancouver. Ray got her first lead role in a full length feature film that finished shooting December 2019. Last year she attended the Canadian Model and Talent Convention, winning 2 trophies in Self Tape competition and a CoverGirl TV commercial. She has previously been involved in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance for 10 years, as well as worship dance theatre (Corpsbara) for 2 years. She has done training in competitive musical theatre (HighRiver Music Festival). As much as she loves being on a movie set, or recording in a studio her heart belongs on the stage. Ray has been with Jubilations Dinner Theatre since February 2019, starting out as Additional Cast. Ray had her first show with Jubilations playing Della Jones in Old Time Rock and Roll and is thrilled to be returning!

Chris Weymouth,

Chris is a performer from Edmonton, Alberta who kicked off his career with Jubilations in 2018 with More Dirty Dancing. Since then, he’s had the opportunity to work in three other WOW Hospitality productions, and the pleasure of working with numerous other warm and talented people. Night at the Museum will be this young actors’ fourth main stage show, and he feels as though it’s the best one yet! Once again though, he could not have done all of this without the support of his close friends and family; especially his wonderful and ever adorable partner Gabby. “We’ve all worked our buns off to bring this show to life!” exclaims Chris. “I sincerely hope you enjoy the show as much as we all loved making it happen.” Keep up with Chris by following him on Instagram @thiklikeoatmeal

Sophie Brown,

Sophie has loved the performing arts ever since she can remember. Her first professional show was Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s own production of Joseph on London’s West End stage at the age of 7. She moved to Calgary with her family at the age of 8 and continued to be involved in many amateur and professional shows and films. Straight from her role as the Frozen Princess in Jubilations Junior's The Frozen Princess Bride she is very excited to be working with this fantastic cast in her first main stage show. You may have seen the story on CTV News that covered the major back surgery she had last year. She will forever be grateful to the Balanced Back Team for giving her the chance to follow her dreams and for the amazing support she received from Jubilations before, during and after her surgery.

Jeff Rivet,

Hey Jeff here! It's been a long time since I've been on this stage and I'm so thrilled to be back. You may remember me from such shows as Bewitching Elvis, Rock Around The Clock, That's Dirty Dancing, the Big Boom Theory, or Jump For Glee. I have also been blessed with other acting opportunities across the Prairies, such as dancing chorus in Cinderella,/em> at Rainbow Stage and playing Seymour in FRC's Little Shop of Horrors. You may also see me in the background of many Hallmark movies. When I'm not on stage, I'm hanging out with my partner and best friend, Jacob, snuggling my 2 cats, being a plant dad, or becoming immersed in my new obsession, Animal Crossing. Enjoy the show, stay healthy, and thank you for keeping theatre alive in these crazy times!

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