Frozen Princess Bride

The beautiful silver haired Princess has been locked away by evil forces. Will her dear sweet long-lost love Lesley ever come to rescue her? Or will the Greatest Sword Fighter in the world and his friend The Giant get to Lesley first?? What will happen??? The only thing we know for sure is there will be great songs, and lots of laughs!

Jubilations Dinner Theatre presents The Frozen Princess Bride!

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Dinner Theatre Menu

Jubilations Menu is Carefully Prepared by Our Team of Chefs


Giant’s Garden Greens

Fresh vegetables with ranch dressing for dipping

Swashbuckler’s Salad

Crispy lettuce topped with bacon, red beets and goat cheese, finished with a honey lemon dressing


Frozen Fancy

Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream

Jovial Jigglers

Jell-O, assorted flavours


Fabled Fingers

Crispy chicken fingers served with tater tots

Pirate “Dread” Dogs

Mini hot dogs served with tater tots

Proper Princess Pizza

A yummy freshly baked personal cheese pizza

Fairy Tale Fowl

Flavourful creamy tomato curry sauce served over marinated and roasted chicken breast with basmati rice. Accompanied by a medley of seasonal vegetables.

Fit For A Queen

Thinly sliced roast beef cooked to medium; served with roasted potatoes and a medley of seasonal vegetables.

*Please notify box office if there are any allergies or you require a special meal*

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Ticket Pricing

Prices include a three-act musical comedy, a four-course dinner, and refillable tea and coffee. Prices do not include taxes, gratuities, pop or alcohol.

Ticket TypeAdultsKids
Jubilations Jr (Sat Mornings 11am)$39.95$36.95
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