Best of Friends the Long Lost Episode

Once upon a time in a long ago age called the 1990’s there were six Friends. The lived, they laughed and they cried, as they frolicked in their far off kingdom of New York City. We, the people of the world, sat witness weekly to all their antics, all their hijinks, all their stories… except one! Jubilations Dinner Theater presents Best of Friends: The Long Lost Episode. Featuring uproarious laughter, and the greatest hits of the “Friends” era, performed by some of Canada’s best singers.

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Dinner Theatre Menu

Jubilations Menu is Carefully Prepared by Our Team of Chefs


All That and a Cup of Soup

Classic Cream of Mushroom

Chill Out

Crisp greens, cucumber, tomato, red pepper, red onion and feta cheese; served with a Greek style vinaigrette


Freak Out

Silky smooth custard filling sandwiched between two layers of dark, moist chocolate cake topped with coconut, pecans and a rich caramel drizzle.


White sponge cake with a distinct vanilla flavour, filled with a creamy custard and artfully topped with a cream cheese icing and white chocolate drizzle, finished with a bright raspberry sauce.


Chicken Cha-ching

Grilled marinated chicken breast finished with a lemony yogurt sauce, garnished with fresh parsley and oregano; served with herb roasted potatoes and fresh vegetables.
Recommended Pairing: Alpha Zeta Chardonnay

Hella Portabella

Stuffed portabella mushroom with melted feta cheese, complimented with a drizzle of balsamic glaze; served with herb roasted potatoes and fresh vegetables.
Recommended Pairing: Pleyades Shiraz (Spain)

Trippin' Trout

Rainbow trout fillet topped with dill hollandaise sauce; served with jasmine rice and fresh vegetables.
Recommended Pairing: Catanga Sauvignon Blanc (Spain)

Boo-Ya! Beef

Alberta Roast Beef cooked to medium and perfected with our signature mouth-watering gravy; served with herb roasted potatoes and fresh vegetables.
Recommended Pairing: Greyson Cellars Merlot (USA)

* Prime Rib

*available at a supplemental charge of $6.00* Slow Roasted AAA Alberta Prime Rib cooked to medium and perfected with our own mouth-watering pan-jus. Accompanied with potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

*Please notify box office if there are any allergies or you require a special meal*

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Shows Run Wednesday Through Sunday

Wednesday - Saturday Doors Open at 6:15pm
Sunday Doors Open at 5:00pm

Jubilations Junior Shows Saturdays at 11am

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Notes & Credits


Artistic Director/Writer/Director

Good evening Friends!
So nice to have you here for our Jubilations Dinner Theatre parody of this all time classic television sitcom. The Friends gang struck a chord with millions of viewers way back when, and it’s a bond that still holds strong today. We’ve decided to imagine a “lost” episode from 1997 that never quite made it to air. We’ve tried to capture all the Friends in their neurotic, chaotic glory, and we’ve included a special guest as well… he’s pretty subtle… see if you can pick him out! So sit back and let us transport you to the far off land of the 1990’s.
Thanks for tuning in!

Artistic Director/Writer/Director
Bob Cunningham
Music Producer
Music Director
Kathy Zaborsky
Jocelyn Hoover Leiver
Rehearsal Stage Manager
Matt McMillan
Sound/Light Design
Randy Hadubiak
Sound/Light Assistant
Gail Ksionzyk
Set Design
Jaimie Cooney
Mural Design
Genevieve Levasseur
Scene Painters
Jaimie Cooney, Karen Turnbull, Genevieve Levasseur, Brad Friese, Casey Richards and Katherine Inksetter
Shop Carpenter
Casey Richards
Set Carpenter
Brad Friese
Costume Design
Yvonne Ustick
Casdt Photographer
Benjamin Laird

Cast Bios

Brad Zacharias, Chandler

Could this BE any more exciting? Brad is back on a Jubilations stage, coming full circle in his Jubilations career playing Chandler Bing. From Carman, Manitoba, Brad now has the dubious distinction of being one of the few in the world to play two Friends, having played Ross in his Jubes debut. With several shows under his belt in between, it’s only right that all roads lead back to the Central Perk once again. Brad would like to thank his wife Jeny, his friends and family, and even his dog for listening to his sarcastic asides, even if like the real Chandler, not every one is a gem. Sit back and enjoy!

Maggie Paul, Monica

Welcome friends, to Monica’s apartment for another fun episode!
Maggie is thrilled to be back on stage to parody the iconic Monica Geller. You might recognise her from her previous Jubilations roles; as Betsy in More Dirty Dancing, Annie in Runaway Bridesmaids or Franky in Greased 2. Maggie has additionally been seen in our Saturday morning kid shows; as Granny M. in the Calgary production of Oh Canada! A Canadian Summer Adventure, in Edmonton as The Best Sword Fighter in The Tangled Princess Bride, and Margo in Despicable Moi. She has also pursued her dream of being a writer, by having the pleasure of being the co-writer in our production of Bewitching Elvis. Maggie would like to thank everyone involved in the production of this play; she understands how much hard work goes into these shows. And, of
course, she would like to thank you, the audience, for your support and encouragement; all of this would not be possible without you. We hope you enjoy the show!

Chris Weymouth, Joey

Fresh off of the Jubilations Calgary stage, Chris is back and more excited than ever to be a part of a production with Jubilations Dinner Theatre. With solid writing and incredible music, joining a wonderfully talented cast was simply the icing on the cake for the young actor. After two main stage shows and one Junior show, Best of Friends: The Long Lost Episode will be Chris’ fourth production with the company in just under a year, and with the support of his friends, family; and partner, Gabby, He’s ready for a whole new experience! So hold onto your hats as well as your smelly cats - this is going to be an experience you won’t want to miss! Follow Chris on Instagram @ThiklikeOatmeal

Hanna Skibin, Phoebe

Hanna is overwhelmed with excitement to be back on the Jubilations stage once again with F.R.I.E.N.D.S! Anyone who has known Hanna since she was 13 years old, knows how much Friends has been a part of her life and her relationship with her real life Lobster, Dallen Girard! Previous Jubilations credits: Mamma Mio: Here We Go Again (Calgary), More Dirty Dancing, Runaway Bridesmaids and Greased 2. Previous Jubilations Junior credits: Oh Canada! A Canadian Summer Adventure and The Tangled Princess Bride. Hanna studied Theatre Arts at MacEwan University in Edmonton, AB. Other credits include: Rent The Musical, Rocky Horror Show and Catch Me If You Can The Musical. Thank you to Jubilations for this opportunity and please enjoy the show! Instagram: hannakate_24

Dallen Girard, Ross

Live from Jubilations it’s Saturday night... or whichever night it is, we are always live! You may have seen Dallen in Flashdance, Rock and Roll Heaven, Mamma Mio: Here We Go Again (Calgary), Beauty and The Grinch, The Uncredibles or as Ace Ventura on the floor serving. Dallen is absolutely flabbergasted to be playing the role of Ross, in this musical parody of his all-time favorite TV show! He always tries to start a new TV show but always comes right back for the same old 10 fantastic seasons of laugh tracks and heartbreak. Also a big kiss goes out to his lovely lady, Hanna Skibin who he is lucky enough to share the stage with everyday, love you! Shout out to his momma for supporting him through his career and never doubting him, and his hometown of Whitecourt! He would also like to thank all the set up, light and sound crews, managers, owners, adcast and everyone in between for making these productions happen. Hope you enjoy the show and would you happen to have a mint or maybe some binaca? Follow Dallen on Instagram @guyinasuitandtie

Sharayah Paulson, Rachel

Oh! Hello everyone! Sharayah would first of all like to thank everyone for coming out to the show tonight. As her second show with Jubilations, she feels truly honored to have be given this awesome opportunity to portray Rachel from the beloved F.R.I.E.N.D.S tv show. Born and raised in small town Crossfield, AB, she has known that she was destined for the stage before she learned to speak. Always having a passion to perform and entertain others however she never suspected she’d get the chance to pay tribute to such a classic. Well even though no one told her life was going to be this way (yes that is a reference, oh clever reader) she’s more than excited to step into those designer shoes and give you a night out you won’t soon forget. Enjoy!

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