Beauty & The Grinch

The town of Glooville is set for Christmas to ring, to light up the tree and to laugh, dance and sing. The mayor has come to do her mayoral duty, and is joined by her dazzling daughter named Beauty. Yes the town is all filled with holiday cheer, but not everyone is happy that Christmas is here. Just outside of town there’s just one who’s not happy. He thinks singing and dancing are boring and sappy. He stays far from town in his own neighbourhood… His name is the Grinch and he’s up to no good!!

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Dinner Theatre Menu

Jubilations Menu is Carefully Prepared by Our Team of Chefs


Grinchy Greens

Veggie plate of carrots, broccoli, grape tomatoes and cucumber served with ranch dressing


Ice Cream

Chocolate or Vanilla


Assorted Flavours


Mayor Cheesedoodle’s Noodles

Classic Kraft mac and cheese lovingly prepared with a side of freshly steamed carrots and broccoli

Cindy Lou’s Chicken

Breaded crispy fried chicken bites served with tater tots with ketchup and plum sauce for dipping

Whoville Waffles

Toasted waffles served with syrup, sausage rounds and fresh fruit

Belle’s Beef

Choice AAA Thinly sliced Alberta roast beef cooked to medium and perfected with our own mouth watering pan jus. Accompanied by roasted potatoes and a medley of seasonal vegetables

Caroler’s Chicken

Bistro style roasted chicken finished with a rosemary white wine jus, garnished with a crispy chicken skin. Accompanied by roasted potatoes and a medley of seasonal vegetables

*Please notify box office if there are any allergies or you require a special meal*

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Ticket Pricing

Prices include a three-act musical comedy, a four-course dinner, and refillable tea and coffee. Prices do not include taxes, gratuities, pop or alcohol.

Ticket TypeAdultsKids
Jubilations Jr (Sat Mornings 11am)$39.95$36.95
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