Country Star


Ellie works at the Wildcat Saloon. She is a young and talented country singer with a gift for writing amazing country music. After years of trying though, Ellie is almost ready to give up on her dreams. That is when fate steps in. Actually… that is when Garth steps in. Garth Jackson is a country legend with the most hit records of any recording artist in history. He has everything a person could ever want, fame fortune and legions of fans. Fortunately, for Ellie, he also has a tour bus that broke down right outside the bar!

Jubilations Dinner Theatre presents the rootin’ tootin’, down home country music parody… Country Star!

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Yellow split pea soup garnished with crispy ham.


Mixed greens with bocconcini, toasted almonds and fresh tomatoes; accompanied by a pesto balsamic vinaigrette.



A two layered dark choclolate sponge cake smothered with delectable whipping cream, pure dark chocolate ganache and sprinkled with chocolate shavings.


Moist white sponge cake separated by a light blueberry mousse, topped with blueberry glaze and white chocolate shavings; with a coconut crunch edge.



Grilled BBQ breast of chicken garnished with crispy fried onions; served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.
Recommended Pairing: Alpha Zeta Chardonnay (Italy)


A country style vegetarian loaf with mushroom gravy; served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.
Recommended Pairing: Grayson Cellars Merlot (USA)


Thinly sliced Sterling Silver Alberta roast beef cooked to medium and perfected with our signature mouth-watering gravy; served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.
Recommended Pairing: Pleyades Shiraz (Spain)


Golden breaded shrimp complimented with cocktail and lemon dill sauces; served with jasmine rice and seasonal vegetables.
Recommended Pairing: Protea Chenin Blanc (South Africa)


Available at a supplemental charge of $5 - Tender slow roasted pork back ribs seasoned with our own spice blend, finished with a sweet Memphis style BBQ sauce; served with mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and baked beans.
Recommended Pairing: Protea Cabernet Sauvignon (South Africa)

* Prime Rib

*available at a supplemental charge of $6.00* Slow Roasted AAA Alberta Prime Rib cooked to medium and perfected with our own mouth-watering pan-jus. Accompanied with potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

*Please notify box office if there are any allergies or you require a special meal*

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Shows Run Wednesday Through Sunday

Wednesday - Saturday Doors Open at 6:15pm
Sunday Doors Open at 5:00pm

Jubilations Junior Shows Saturdays at 11am

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Notes & Credits



Well how y’all doin’ tonight? Welcome to the Wildcat Saloon!

Okay… so you’ve figured out that you aren’t really in Texas at a dusty old saloon. However, we plan to make you feel like that is exactly where you are all night. Our comedy spoof of the mega hit movie A Star is Born is intended to get you laughin’, toe tappin’ and singin’ along to country hits. I had the great pleasure to work with a writer who is new to our Jubilations Dinner Theatre main stage productions. Kayla Craig is an amazingly talented local Alberta writer who I hope to get to work with again before too long. Our goal in writing this show together, and for me while directing, was to parody this iconic music story in a way that captured all the fun without ever taking things too seriously. I think we pulled it off quite nicely and I hope you will too.

So get yer boots ready for two steppin’ and bull riding ‘cause this here country party starts now!


One of the first shows I ever saw at Jubilations Dinner Theatre was Ghostbusted. The heart and humour of Bob’s writing was infectious. Getting to work with him and this company years later would have earned a high five from teenage me. I’d like to thank my brother Ty for his vast country song knowledge and my mom for taking her sweet time in remembering the name of that singer she once saw at a concert. (Spoiler alert: It was Garth Brooks).

Kayla Craig and Bob Cunningham
Director & Artistic Director
Bob Cunningham
Music Producer
Music Director
Kathy Zaborsky
Gillian Moon
Rehearsal Stage Manager
Matt MacMillan
Sound/Light Design
Randy Hadubiak
Assistant Light Designer
Jacqueline Robertson
Sound/Light Assistant
Gail Ksionzyk
Set Design
Jaimie Cooney
Mural Design
Genevieve Levasseur
Scene Painters
Jaimie Cooney, Karen Turnbull, Genevieve Levasseur, Emily Dusome, Brad Friese, Klazina Vanderspoel and Gillian Moon
Shop Carpenter
Casey Richards
Set Carpenter
Brad Friese
Costume Design
Tawni Barton
Cast Photographer
Benjamin Lairds
Playbill Design
Rage Studios

Cast Bios


This is Andrew’s second time with Jubilations, after being seen earlier this year as Ritchie Cunningham in Buddy Holly’s Happy Days. An award-winning actor, playwright and stage manager, Wade is a graduate from the University of Victoria. He is best known for writing, producing and performing original works across the country. His own shows include a forgotten imaginary friend (Hullaboo and The End of Everything), an ode to geekdom (William vs. The World), a personal storytelling show where he builds a functional lie detector machine (The Most Honest Man In The World), a twisted tea party (The Hatter) and a truly ridiculous and epic co-creation, (TITUS! The Light and Delightful Musical Comedy of Titus Andronicus). He is based out of Vancouver, but please don’t hold that against him.


Kelly is thrilled to be performing for you all here tonight. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Kelly started taking classical singing lessons at the age of five. You may recognize Kelly from some of her previous shows; Pirates of the North Saskatchewan III, Hey! Pretty Woman, Downton Abbey Road, Star Warz: The Farce Strikes Back (Calgary), Jail House Rock, and most recently Mamma Mio: Here We Go Again (Calgary). Kelly would like to thank Bob, Matt, the production crew, the adcast, and her AMAZING cast mates. A big thank you goes out to Kelly’s friends and family. Now get ready for a boot scootin’ time at the Wildcat Saloon.


Hey guys and gals, it’s hard to describe how happy I am to be back at Jubilations playing a country star! You may remember me from the infamous British Invasion, or the angelic Rock and Roll Heaven. If not, buckle up to remember the great Garth Jackson! When I’m not on this stage, I’m performing on stages across Alberta with my band Hungry Hollow, check us out wherever you stream music. Huge thanks to Bob Cunningham for the opportunity to explore my passion; my mom, the cats and my beautiful wife, Julie. Rock on!


Hey y’all! Nice seeing you here! I’m thrilled to be back for my third show with Jubilations! You may remember me as Ray in Star Warz: The Farce Strikes Back and as Piper in Orange is the New Pink. Other credits include Oliver! (Fagan’s Gang), CATS (Macavity/Plato) and West Side Story (Anybody’s). This time around, I am excited to bring out my country roots and get your boots stompin’ and toes tappin’ to some unforgettable country tunes! Now raise your glass of Jack and let’s get this party started!!


Howdy everybody! Have you seen this guy before? The oddball who usually has a goofy smile on his face. Well, that’s Ken. He was born and raised in Edmonton, AB and he has loved entertaining people since he was a wee little lad. He gained his love of theatre surprisingly from Vancouver Film School where he graduated in 2013. After coming back to Alberta, he is now happy to join Jubilations Dinner Theatre in his first show with the company. He gives thanks to the cast, crew, writers and entire Jubilations team for this experience. Now get ready to have a rootin’ tootin’, boot scootin’ good time!


Rachel Matichuk is an Edmonton based actor. She recently graduated from MacEwan University’s Theatre Arts program. Credits include Onwards and Upwards (Fort Steele Heritage Town), Urinetown (Grindstone Theatre), Into the Woods, Footloose, The Drowsy Chaperone (MacEwan University). When not in rehearsal or performances, Rachel dabbles in other various forms of art such as photography, sculpting and writing. She is very thrilled to be a part of this production and hopes you enjoy it just as much as she does!

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