More Dirty Dancing

It’s great to be alive, in the summer of ’65… unless you’re Chris “Babe” Gardiner that is. You see Chris (Babe to those who know him) has to spend the best weeks of the summer with his parents at some boring resort. To add to Babe’s lament, his mother has even signed him up for dance lessons. Babe’s fortunes start to turn however, when he meets his beautiful dance instructor. She offers to give him some extra, after-hours, lessons in a kind of dancing that frees the soul and opens the mind.. Can the boy from a stuffy, upper crust family learn to let go and dance like no one is watching?

Jubilations Dinner Theatre presents More Dirty Dancing!

How The Night Unfolds

Dinner Theatre Menu

Jubilations Menu is Carefully Prepared by Our Team of Chefs



Hearty corn and vegetable chowder.


Mixed greens with cucumber, tomato and spicy roasted chickpeas; topped with in-house made balsamic dressing.



Layers of moist chocolate sponge cake, delicious cherry filling and whipped cream, garnished with chocolate shavings.


Light and airy meringue with a zesty lemon citrus filling atop a sweet graham crust.



Marinated chicken breast with mushroom red wine sauce; served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.
Recommended Pairing: Casa Viva Pinot Noir (Chile) 5 oz. Glass $9.00/ 8 oz. Glass $14.00/ Bottle $44.00


Alberta Roast Beef cooked to medium; served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.
Recommended Pairing: Greyson Cellars Merlot (USA) 5 oz. Glass $10.50/ 8 oz. Glass $15.50/ Bottle $50.00


Fluffy potato gnocchi tossed in marinara sauce and garnished with parmesan; served with fresh vegetables.
Recommended Pairing: Lotus Cabernet Sauvignon (USA) 5 oz. Glass $11.00/ 8 oz. Glass $16.00/ Bottle $52.00


Fisherman’s Pie; A Jubilations original created by Chef Richard. Pie crust with filling composed of fish, peas, carrots, onions, celery and crumbled bacon; topped with creamy mashed potatoes and served with fresh vegetables.
Recommended Pairing: Alpha Zeta Chardonnay (Italy) 5 oz. Glass $9.00/ 8 oz. Glass $14.00/ Bottle $44.00

* Prime Rib

*available at a supplemental charge of $6.00* Slow Roasted AAA Alberta Prime Rib cooked to medium and perfected with our own mouth-watering pan-jus. Accompanied with potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

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Shows Run Wednesday Through Sunday

Wednesday - Saturday Doors Open at 6:15pm
Sunday Doors Open at 5:00pm

Jubilations Junior Shows Saturdays at 11am

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Notes & Credits


Artistic Director/Writer/Director

Hello Edmonton! Thanks for joining us tonight. We’ve put together a fun show that we think has a little something for everyone. Fantastic singers singing great old songs, funny actors saying funny things, and some amazing dancers doing some amazing dance moves! We’ve taken the Dirty Dancing story and given it our Jubilations parody spin, and we think we’ve done it in such a way that fans of the movie will love it, and those who’ve never even heard of the movie (aliens perhaps?) will enjoy it just as much!

Now, a note from the Artistic Director:
I have written and directed for Jubilations Dinner Theatre in the past and it has always been an amazing experience, so when they asked me to become the new Artistic Director I leapt at the chance. Randy Apostle, the fantastic Artistic Director for 25 years is moving into the front office and leaving some big shoes to fill. I will have my work cut out for me trying to fill them, and I plan to have plenty of fun doing it. I look back with immense respect at the years of stellar productions that Randy and the Jubilations team have put together, and at the same time I look forward to many years of working with this amazing team and producing more great shows here at Jubilations Dinner Theatre!

Have a fantastic time everyone! Cheers,

Dinner Theatre Concept Production Team

The dinner theatre concept uses a consistent team for all productions. If a particular member of the production team is unavailable for a specific show, other alternatives are explored, such as guest writers and directors. The productions begin in Winnipeg where they run for approximately 10 weeks. At the end of the run in Winnipeg, the set, including lighting and sound designs, props, music and actors all move on to Edmonton where the show runs for another 10 weeks. The production team will then move on to Calgary. Unlike the restaurant business where management can be developed and moved from one location to another, the theatres require the services of a very specialized group of individuals. This group has been associated with the company since Janet Cunningham and Doug Stephen took over the Winnipeg dinner theatre in 1993. The biographies of the key individuals involved with the dinner theatre productions are presented below.

Bob Cunningham

Bob has been part of the Wow Hospitality family for more than 25 years. Not to give too much away, but that is ever so close to being half his lifetime at this point! During that time Bob has worked in many facets of this great company. Starting on stage as an actor at Celebrations/Jubilations Dinner Theatres he learned so much, and soon took that experience to other theatres throughout western Canada. In those early years, he cultivated a love for the stage, and for being in front of an audience. Bob then moved into the live music scene when he became a founding player and architect of the Aussie Rules Piano Bar show. A live piano bar experience like no other, Aussie Rules became a “must see” destination for people from all over Alberta and beyond. It remains a wildly popular entertainment venue in Calgary these many years later. Though Bob has moved behind the scenes into management with Wow Hospitality several times throughout the years, most recently as Director of Operations for Alberta, he is inevitably drawn back to the artistic side of things. With all that Bob has accomplished within the Wow Hospitality family throughout the years, he could have done none of it without the endless support of his actual family. From his mother, father and sister who helped water the initial seeds of love of the performing arts, to his children, and most especially his amazing wife Shelley, who has always supported him unconditionally… and for an actor/musician’s wife that is truly saying something! As the new Artistic Director, Bob hopes to guide Celebrations/Jubilations Dinner Theatres into the future with as much passion and vitality as his predecessor Randy Apostle, from whom he learned so much.

Randy Hadubiak

Randy is the individual responsible for the lights and sound in each dinner theatre production, including all aspects of the design process. Randy has performed those duties for over 20 years as a technician and designer. As the opening of each production approaches, Randy researches the music and history of the period in which the show is set in order to ensure that the production is as authentic as possible. Randy heads the technical staff in each location and as such is responsible for the transition from one show to another. That transition involves the set-up of the lights and speakers to suit the show, taking into consideration the uniqueness of each theatre. When Randy is not involved in a transition, he can often be found working the lights or sound in the Jubilations dinner theatre in the West Edmonton Mall.

Jaimie Cooney

Jaimie is the set designer and head carpenter for Jubilations/Celebrations Dinner Theatres, in Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary. Jaimie and her creative team enjoy inventing exciting worlds for 5 new shows in 3 cities each year. From pirate ships and castles to underwater adventures each show presents its own challenge. They aim to create a backdrop that brings the audience into the story and action on stage.

Born in Manitoba and raised in central Alberta, where she still resides today; Jaime received her Fine Arts Degree at Red Deer College in 2000 and her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Alberta College Of Art And Design in 2003. Straight out of college she began working with the theatre’s production team painting the wall murals and soon progressed to set construction and eventually set design, becoming head designer in 2017.

Jaimie’s art work is also featured in other venues such as Aussie Rules and the School Of Rock in Calgary as well as Cheers Pub and numerous homes in the Red Deer area.

Van Wilmott

Van assists Randy Apostle in selecting the music for each production. Once the music is selected, Van maps out the music, records the bass and drum tracks, hires the stage musicians and goes into a studio to create the final product. When Van is not working for the Celebration and Jubilation dinner theatres, he is very much in demand on the Edmonton music scene as both a musician and musical director.

Bob Cunningham
Director/Artistic Director
Bob Cunningham
Music Producer
Music Director
Greg Dunstan
Rebekah Jones
Karen Turnbull
Sound Design
Randy Hadubiak
Lighting Design
Gail Ksionzyk
Set Design
Jaimie Cooney
Mural Design
Jaimie Cooney
Scene Painters
Jaimie Cooney, Karen Turnbull, Genevieve Levasseur, Brad Friese, Casey Richards and Katherine Inksetter
Shop Carpenter
Casey Richards
Set Carpenter
Brad Friese
Costume Design
Suzanne Petrasko
Cast Photographer
Jim Woronuik
Playbill Design
Call Toll Free @ 1-866-414-1560

Cast Bios

Mark Kazakov, Babe Robinson

Mark is excited to be back again after recently finishing the run of Jubilations’ Runaway Bridesmaids through Edmonton and Calgary. “There are so many new and thrilling challenges for me to dive into in this show, both physically and vocally, which has been fantastic. It is such a pleasure to be able to learn so much from my extraordinary fellow cast mates”. No longer a stranger to the road, Mark completed his BFA in Drama at the University of Calgary while on tour with Runaway Bridesmaids and just a year prior was fortunate enough to study performance abroad in the UK. When not on tour, Mark is a regular Improviser at Loose Moose Theatre, a roving clown with the Calgary International Children’s Festival, and a professional stilt walker with Green Fools Theatre.

Gillian Moon, Joannie Draper

Gillian is thrilled to be back on the Jubilations stage! You may recognize her from her last Jubilations adventure as Endora in Bewitching Elvis, but probably not — a giant red wig can be quite transformative. Though originally from Barrhead, Alberta, Gillian is now a bit of a nomad. She has toured extensively, performing from coast to coast and across France and the US with KOBA Entertainment and Jubilations Theatre. Gillian is a graduate of MacEwan University’s Theatre Arts program, and holds a BA in English from the University of Winnipeg.

Dan Allen, Hercule Charlmont

Dan is super excited to be back for yet another Jubilations show! Dan began his career with Jubilations when they opened their first theatre in West Edmonton Mall way back in 1996! The following year Dan appeared on stage in his first Jubilations show Flatland Jamboree. More recently you may have seen Dan as the devious Pedro in last seasons Runaway Bridesmaids, or you may remember him from Flashdance: an 80’s Flashback playing the acclaimed Angelo Grand-Jete. Dan also played Cam from TV’s Modern Family in the Jubilations production of Modern Family Vacation back in 2015. Dan would like to thank his family and friends for all of their support, but most of all Dan would like to thank his moustache for getting him another show!

Hanna Skibin, Mrs. Robinson

Hanna Kate is thrilled to be back on the Jubilations stage for More Dirty Dancing! This is Hanna’s third show with Jubilations. Previous Jubilations credits include: Helen Harris in Runaway Bridesmaids and Danni in Greased 2. Other credits include Oh Canada: A Canadian Summer Adventure, Jubilations Junior Calgary; Rent The Musical, Mimi Marquez; Rocky Horror Show, Magenta; Catch Me if You Can, Carol Strong. Hanna is a graduate of the Theatre Arts Program at MacEwan University here in Edmonton, AB. Hanna would like to give a huge thank you to her wonderful cast, crew, family, friends and to her other half, Dallen. Enjoy the show!

Chris Weymouth, Mikey/Gerald Giles

Christopher is an actor originally from Edmonton and is making his first leap to the main stage with Jubilations Dinner Theatre! Having previously been a part of the art scene in the Edmonton Fringe, Chris is excited to bring his energy and charisma to a production filled with heart! Working alongside a cast filled with immeasurable talent, this is sure to be an amazing experience. Be prepared to be swept off of your feet!

Maggie Paul, Betsy

Welcome everyone to More Dirty Dancing!
You might recognise this French-Canadian from her previous roles as Annie in Runaway Bridesmaids, Franky/Suzy in Greased 2, or as Granny M in the Calgary Jubilations Junior production of Oh Canada: A Canadian Summer Adventure. You might also have had the chance to catch Maggie’s name in the program as the co-writer of last year’s production of Bewitching Elvis.
Maggie is very grateful to be back on the Jubilations stage for another show, and would like to give a huge thanks to Bob Cunningham for this amazing opportunity, as well as everyone involved in the production for everything they do. You all deserve huge recognition for all your hard work, whether it is behind the scenes, or on the floor as Ad-Cast. Finally, Maggie would like to thank her mother, Johane, and all her close friends for their constant love and support throughout her journey. Enjoy the show!

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