Mamma Mio

Join us for a celebration of the wonderful music of ABBA, and other classic bands of the era, as we tell another tale of love lost, love found and love rediscovered. Let’s take a step back to the crazy 70s when our characters first met and see how lifelong friendships began.

How The Night Unfolds

Dinner Theatre Menu

Jubilations Menu is Carefully Prepared by Our Team of Chefs



Mediterranean Vegetable Soup


Mixed greens, red onions and mandarin orange segments; topped with tortilla strips and poppy seed dressing.



Moist chocolate cake with buttercream icing, topped with caramel drizzle.


Sponge cake with refreshing key lime filling and topped with whopped cream.



Roasted chicken breast filled with stuffing and topped with herb gravy; served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.
Recommended Pairing: Tawse Riesling (Canada) 5oz. Glass $10.50 / 8oz. Glass $15.50 / Bottles $50.00


Cheese and spinach manicotti topped with rose sauce; served with fresh vegetables.
Recommended Pairing: Casa Viva Pinot Noir (Chile) 5oz. Glass $9.00 / 8oz. Glass $14.00 / Bottles $44.00


Baked basa fillet topped with béarnaise sauce; served with jasmine rice and fresh vegetables.
Recommended Pairing: Alpha Zeta Chardonnay (Italy) 5oz. Glass $9.00 / 8oz. Glass $14.00 / Bottles $44.00


Alberta Roast Beef cooked to medium; served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.
Recommended Pairing: Greyson Cellars Merlot (USA) 5oz. Glass $10.50 / 8oz. Glass $15.50 / Bottles $50.00

* Prime Rib

*available at a supplemental charge of $6.00* Slow Roasted AAA Alberta Prime Rib cooked to medium and perfected with our own mouth-watering pan-jus. Accompanied with English style roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables.
Recommended Pairing: Wolf Blass Yellow Label Shiraz 6oz. Glass $8.50/ 9oz. Glass $12 / Bottle $30

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Notes & Credits


Artistic Director/Co-Writer: Randy Apostle*

Hello folks, a few years ago we introduced you all to Norman and his to 2 sons, Brad and Paul, on the eve of the opening of their new restaurant, VIPs. We learned that the boys were adopted and Brad had contacted adoption services about contacting their birth mothers. The agency had recently suffered a computer virus and came up with 3 possible matches for Paul. Norman stumbled across this list of three ladies and, thinking they were involved with the restaurant, sent them all invitations to his grand opening. We never did discover who Paul’s real birth Mom was but through lots of confusion, and LOTS of wine, the 3 ladies decided to become moms to Paul in their own way and a very unconventional family was formed. That could have been the end of our story, but it turns out Norman met these ladies many years ago… Come with us now to Kalokairi Island, Greece 1979, for a stay at “Villa Marie” where a young Norman is on a trip to remember! I thank my co-writer Jeff Rivet for all his wonderful ideas, we had a lot of fun with this story. I also thank my good friend Scott Cranwill for directing this fun piece. Hat’s off to our multi-talented and hilarious cast, our amazing production team, the fantastic staff here at Jubilations including our ever zany additional cast and of course, to our General Partners, Janet Cunningham and Doug Stephen. I would also like to acknowledge Canadian Actors Equity Association. Enjoy the show!

Director: Scott Cranwill

I am delighted to be back with the ridiculously fun and talented team at Jubilations to direct Mamma Mio Here We Go Again! Tonight we take a nostalgic trip back to the late 70s for our tongue in cheek take on the hit ABBA musical. To get us there, we have this gorgeous setting created by our world class production team, a group of wonderful performers to bring it to life, and the dazzling lights and sound of our technical designers to make this a truly one of a kind experience. Whether it’s your first time, or you’re returning to us at Jubilations, you are in for a groovy night of great songs, a lot of laughs, and I just know we’ll have you dancing by the end of the night. I have been lucky enough to work with Jubilations in a variety of capacities for over 20 years now, and I am very thankful to return once again to be a part of the fun. Thank you so much to the cast and crew for all of your hard work. Special thanks to my good friend and Artistic Director Randy Apostle, to Doug and Janet and WOW Hospitality and of course my lovely ladies at home, Gus, Goonie, and Ponin. Most importantly thank you our audience, for joining us tonight and for all the years of support that allow people like me to have fun like this. And so…here we go again. Enjoy.

Co-Writer: Jeff Rivet

Here we go again! Jeff here, a small town boy from Stony Plain who decided to fly the coop and become an actor. After performing for several years (many of them being on the Jubilations stage), producing, directing, and choreographing, I thought, why not add writing to the list of creative outlets? Thank you so much, Randy, for giving me this opportunity to collaborate and create something special. Now, you must know that this show holds a very special place in my heart. First off, I was one of the actors in the first Mamma Mio, along with a magical group of people. Secondly, Mamma Mia was actually the first live musical I ever saw and my life was forever changed. Lastly, my family are huge ABBA and disco fans. My parents unknowingly raised me to be a disco king! We’d sing “Take a Chance” while cleaning the house and belt out “Super Trooper” on a road trip. All in all, it was such a pleasure to co-write this show. The big milestones these characters face are very vivid and fresh in my mind. I hope our show takes you back to a time of being young and discovering who you are, all the while singing along to some killer tunes from the 70s! Cheers!

Dinner Theatre Concept Production Team

The dinner theatre concept uses a consistent team for all productions. If a particular member of the production team is unavailable for a specific show, other alternatives are explored, such as guest writers and directors. The productions begin in Winnipeg where they run for approximately 10 weeks. At the end of the run in Winnipeg, the set, including lighting and sound designs, props, music and actors all move on to Edmonton where the show runs for another 10 weeks. The production team will then move on to Calgary. Unlike the restaurant business where management can be developed and moved from one location to another, the theatres require the services of a very specialized group of individuals. This group has been associated with the company since Janet Cunningham and Doug Stephen took over the Winnipeg dinner theatre in 1993. The biographies of the key individuals involved with the dinner theatre productions are presented below.

Bob Cunningham

Bob has been part of the Wow Hospitality family for more than 25 years. Not to give too much away, but that is ever so close to being half his lifetime at this point! During that time Bob has worked in many facets of this great company. Starting on stage as an actor at Celebrations/Jubilations Dinner Theatres he learned so much, and soon took that experience to other theatres throughout western Canada. In those early years, he cultivated a love for the stage, and for being in front of an audience. Bob then moved into the live music scene when he became a founding player and architect of the Aussie Rules Piano Bar show. A live piano bar experience like no other, Aussie Rules became a “must see” destination for people from all over Alberta and beyond. It remains a wildly popular entertainment venue in Calgary these many years later. Though Bob has moved behind the scenes into management with Wow Hospitality several times throughout the years, most recently as Director of Operations for Alberta, he is inevitably drawn back to the artistic side of things. With all that Bob has accomplished within the Wow Hospitality family throughout the years, he could have done none of it without the endless support of his actual family. From his mother, father and sister who helped water the initial seeds of love of the performing arts, to his children, and most especially his amazing wife Shelley, who has always supported him unconditionally… and for an actor/musician’s wife that is truly saying something! As the new Artistic Director, Bob hopes to guide Celebrations/Jubilations Dinner Theatres into the future with as much passion and vitality as his predecessor Randy Apostle, from whom he learned so much.

Randy Hadubiak

Randy is the individual responsible for the lights and sound in each dinner theatre production, including all aspects of the design process. Randy has performed those duties for over 20 years as a technician and designer. As the opening of each production approaches, Randy researches the music and history of the period in which the show is set in order to ensure that the production is as authentic as possible. Randy heads the technical staff in each location and as such is responsible for the transition from one show to another. That transition involves the set-up of the lights and speakers to suit the show, taking into consideration the uniqueness of each theatre. When Randy is not involved in a transition, he can often be found working the lights or sound in the Jubilations dinner theatre in the West Edmonton Mall.

Jaimie Cooney

Jaimie is the set designer and head carpenter for Jubilations/Celebrations Dinner Theatres, in Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary. Jaimie and her creative team enjoy inventing exciting worlds for 5 new shows in 3 cities each year. From pirate ships and castles to underwater adventures each show presents its own challenge. They aim to create a backdrop that brings the audience into the story and action on stage.

Born in Manitoba and raised in central Alberta, where she still resides today; Jaime received her Fine Arts Degree at Red Deer College in 2000 and her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Alberta College Of Art And Design in 2003. Straight out of college she began working with the theatre’s production team painting the wall murals and soon progressed to set construction and eventually set design, becoming head designer in 2017.

Jaimie’s art work is also featured in other venues such as Aussie Rules and the School Of Rock in Calgary as well as Cheers Pub and numerous homes in the Red Deer area.

Van Wilmott

Van assists Randy Apostle in selecting the music for each production. Once the music is selected, Van maps out the music, records the bass and drum tracks, hires the stage musicians and goes into a studio to create the final product. When Van is not working for the Celebration and Jubilation dinner theatres, he is very much in demand on the Edmonton music scene as both a musician and musical director.

Jeff Rivet & Randy Apostle*
Scott Cranwill
Artistic Director
Bob Cunningham
Music Producer
Music Director
Greg Dunstan
Kristen Sawatzky
Karen Turnbull
Sound/Light Design
Randy Hadubiak
Assistant Lighting Design
LRRR Productions
Set Design
Jaimie Cooney
Mural Design
Jaimie Cooney
Scene Painters
Jaimie Cooney, Karen Turnbull, Genevieve Levasseur, Casey Richards, Katherine Inksetter & Brad Friese
Set Carpenter
Brad Friese
Costume Design
Lexy Rydzygowski & Bogusia Rydzygowski
Cast Photographer
Jim Woroniuk
Shop Carpenter
Shop Carpenter
Playbill Advertising & Design
Call Toll Free @ 1-866-414-1563

Cast Bios

Josie Cole, Samantha

Josie is a singer, dancer and actor from Edmonton, and is absolutely thrilled to be debuting in her first Jubilations show. Growing up with a grandma who owns a dance studio (Zinger School of Dancing, Coronation, AB) and with her mom as her dance teacher, she had no choice but to choose a career in theatre. Josie is a graduate from Victoria School of the Arts, where she was able to be a part of: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Into the Woods, Beauty and the Beast (Belle), and Big Fish (Sandra Bloom). She is also a recent graduate from Randolph College of Performing Arts in Toronto, ON, where she had the pleasure of acting in Stage Door (Mrs. Orcutt), and The Drowsy Chaperone (Swing). What more could you ask for then to be singing ABBA 5 nights a week for 6 months? Nothing! Thank you to everyone involved on the Jubilations team. Also, big love to my family and friends, Brandon, my three puppies and the cast! “What would life be? Without a song or a dance, what are we? So I say thank you for the music.”

Renell Doneza, Paul/Tony

Renell is beyond excited to return to the Jubilations stage! He has spent the last few years working behind the scenes as the resident stage manager here in Edmonton and has decided to take a step down to pursue other endeavours. Renell has been singing and dancing since kindergarten and had the opportunity to train with Winnipeg Studio Theatre and The School of Music Vocations (Iowa). Select credits include: Once Upon a Time in Graceland (Jubilations), Harry Popper and the Frozen Princess (Jubilations), The Little Mermaid (Stageworks Academy), The Dance (3scape Systems Inc.), Cabaret (Crosswalk Players), and Cannibal (MPMM). Finally, a big thank you to all production and management from both Celebrations and Jubilations for making this happen as well as a huge shout out to his friends, family, Niko, and Cam. Enjoy the show!

Geoff Hughes, Norman

Geoff is very pleased to returning for his 6th run at Jubilations, most recently performing in Downton Abbey Road: Songs of the Beatles. Having just played an 8’ frost giant at the Fringe Festival with DND Improv, he’s looking forward to the tropical climate expected on the island. Geoff has traveled Canada with political and children’s theatre. Experienced at the microphone, his voice has been heard locally at the new Nonsuch exhibit, and around the world on cartoons like South Africa’s soccer themed show Supa Strikas, still going after 12 years, and Netflix’s Lego: Bionicle.

Rebecca Jessamine, Harriet

This is Rebecca’s second show with Jubilations Dinner Theatre, and she could not be more excited to come back to do Mamma Mio Here We Go Again! You may remember her as Lady Edith from Downton Abbey Road: Songs of the Beatles and she is now back to play the character of Harriet Bright. Rebecca is a 2015 Alumni of the Theatre Arts program at MacEwan University. She was also in a production of HMS Pinafore with Opera NUOVA in Edmonton. Rebecca would like to thank her family and friends for their ongoing love and support. This one is for you!

Gabby Meikle, Billie/Marie

Gabby is super excited to welcome you to Jubilations for a night of fun, drama, and many, MANY laughs! This is her first show with Jubilations, but she’s been ad-casting here for the last 2 years. She is stoked to grace the stage and sweep you off your feet for a night you won’t soon forget! She thanks her family, friends, and partner for their love and support, and for all the teachers that have helped get her to this great start in her acting career! She hopes you enjoy the show, and don’t forget: you are a dancing queen! So get up and shake that groove thang!

Tyler Pinsent, Brad/Roy

Good evening, everyone. Welcome to VIP’s. Tyler is thrilled to be back on the Jubilations stage for his fourth show. Past credits include Demitri in Thank You Mr. Presley, Brad Sheridan in Mamma Mio, and Nick Hewley in Flashdance: An 80’s Flashback. Big shout-outs to Mom, Dad, Julie, Kevin, Gizmo, Abby, Rocky, Missy and Jessica. Megan and Amber, too I guess. Enjoy the show!!

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